Financing and Leasing For Your Next Audi in Huntsville


Those who are new to the concept of vehicle financing may not be well-versed with every word or detail that is said to them, which is why financing your next vehicle with Audi Huntsville is a great decision. Our professional finance team has years of experience helping Madison area customers just like you understand the many options they have to get into their next new Audi or used vehicle.

One question that many of our Houston area customers bring to us is, "Should I buy or lease my vehicle?" Unfortunately, there isn't a one-size-fits-all answer to this common question. How much you want to pay per month, how long you plan to drive your vehicle, and other considerations will determine which option is the best fit for your lifestyle.


Learning About Loans


Loans are meant to be used as money borrowed from a bank or financial institution that provides money to assist in funding a major purchase. With terms ranging from two to seven or more years, you'll pay back the loan monthly, plus an agreed upon interest rate. Your interest rate will be tied to your credit score and may depend on the length of loan.

Delving into Leases


Leases are another option of getting the financial help you'd get in paying for a new Audi car or SUV. With a lease, you agree to drive the vehicle for a few years and bring it back at the end of the lease term. During your term-typically 24-48 months-you'll make monthly payments to cover only that portion of the vehicle that you're using. Keep in mind, leases are typically only for new vehicles.

Comparing and Contrasting


When you finance your vehicle with a loan, you are making payments toward ownership. You can modify your vehicle in any way you want, you can drive as miles as you wish, and you aren't required to keep it in any particular type of condition. With a lease, you'll be required to stay within mileage limits and will be expected to return the vehicle at the end of the term in excellent condition, minus reasonable wear and tear.

Another benefit of a loan over a lease is that your payments build equity in the vehicle. When it's time to trade or sell a vehicle you own, that money goes directly to you. When you turn in a lease, on the other hand, you don't own any part of the vehicle or its residual value.

There are some major benefits of a lease, however. When you lease a new Audi, your monthly payments will typically be significantly less than payments made on a loan. Another bright side of a lease is that you will be driving a vehicle that is covered by a warranty for all or most of your lease term. Plus, when you decide to lease, you're always driving a car that's only a couple of years old, which means that you'll be enjoying the latest in infotainment and safety technology features every couple of years.

Apply for Financing Today


If you've still got any questions about the differences between taking out an auto loan or getting into a new Audi lease, you are invited to call or email our finance team to get the benefit of their experience. Whichever direction you choose for your Decatur area lifestyle, you can get a head start on the process by filling out our simple and secure financing application.