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Spider-Man Conquers the Science Fair with the Help of the New Audi e-tron GT Concept Car

You probably wouldn't expect Spider-Man to need any help when it comes to showcasing unnatural phenomena and otherworldly skills, but when it comes to his school's science fair, let's just say he's less than prepared. How could our hero find the time when he's busy out saving everyday folks in the alleys and backstreets of Fayetteville and Decatur from baddies like Kingpin and Venom? Leading two lives is hard enough, thankfully there's one brand that Spider-Man can count on to impress even his harshest critics (his teachers).

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Innovative and evolutionary styling helps the new Audi Q8 change the game for luxury flagship SUVs

They say that beauty is only skin deep, but here at Audi Huntsville, we'd like to offer a counterpoint to that particular argument: The new Audi Q8. Sure, style isn't everything when it comes to the luxury SUV market, but for the new flagship of the Audi SUV lineup, it's a pretty big deal. And once you see how heads turn as you drive around Madison and Decatur, AL, we're confident that you'll see there's plenty of substance to back up the style of the bold new Audi Q8.


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