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Charge Forward: The Future of Luxury Electric Vehicles Has Arrived

Audi is gearing up for an emission-free future with commitment to the development of electric vehicles that are completely battery-powered and relentlessly Audi. Guided by the dedication to creating vehicles that work effortlessly for day-to-day driving, while never sacrificing top-of-the-line performance, Audi accelerates into the future with electrifying momentum as e-tron® technology hits the road.

Full of Life

Audi e-tron® technology is simplifying the way we approach electric vehicles.

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Has Audi changed the name of the fuel game?

Adding to its success stories, Audi and a greentech company called Sunfire have developed a new type of fuel that could further revolutionize the green movement, essentially birthing an invention that seems to be a product of the Audi e-tron and Audi TDI clean diesel.

This new fuel is essentially e-diesel made of carbon dioxide (C02), water and renewable energy like wind and solar energy. "Blue Crude" is in its infancy, since the plant…

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