Innovative and evolutionary styling helps the new Audi Q8 change the game for luxury flagship SUVs

They say that beauty is only skin deep, but here at Audi Huntsville, we'd like to offer a counterpoint to that particular argument: The new Audi Q8. Sure, style isn't everything when it comes to the luxury SUV market, but for the new flagship of the Audi SUV lineup, it's a pretty big deal. And once you see how heads turn as you drive around Madison and Decatur, AL, we're confident that you'll see there's plenty of substance to back up the style of the bold new Audi Q8.

Now, with a lot of flagship luxury SUVs out there, there's a tendency to exaggerate the musculature, resulting in a field of big, bulky, and boxy competitors facing off against the Audi Q8.

Fortunately, the team at Audi have deftly sidestepped the pitfalls that certain other German automakers have fallen prey to by leveraging a coupe-like design as the main theme of the Audi Q8. The result is a vehicle that still boasts the muscular, aggressive front end that Audi SUV fans have come to know and love, with a sleeker silhouette that hints at its agility on the open road.

What's more, with a rear roofline spoiler to compliment the gradual slope from its C-pillar, the Audi Q8 minimizes its blind spots, maximizes headroom for rear seat passengers, and just looks outstanding overall, don't you think?

But we haven't even gotten to our favorite parts of the exterior design language on the Audi Q8. One of the things we've noticed always elicits some "ooh's" and "ahh's" from our Athens, AL car shoppers is the dazzling LED lighting on the Audi Q8. With dynamic animations for both the LED taillights and the HD Matrix-design headlights, the Audi Q8 not only illuminates evening drives, but also regularly gets doubletakes from other drivers on the road, so you can enjoy those envious stares from your fellow motorists.

Of course, as impressive as the design of the new Audi Q8 is on the outside, it's all the more appealing to the eye when you're the one behind the wheel. And if you like to make that vision a reality, we'd welcome you to take a test drive with the new Audi Q8 here at Audi Huntsville today.

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